about us

Established in 2014, Dai Lam Logistics Company (DaiLam Logistics) has created a strong position in the logistics industry, especially freight services by domestic and international containers.

Right from the first years of operation, DLL has grown and is proud to become a company specializing in providing container shipping services in Vietnam.

DLL has achieved the above achievements thanks to a united, unified leadership team that always listens, learns, creates and innovates to create the best products and bring the best benefits to customers. ; a dynamic staff, employees, highly qualified and professional, long-term attachment to the Company.


Inland container shipping service

International container shipping service

Logistics – Accurate and safe shipping containers from warehouse to warehouse

Customs clearance services for prestigious import and export goods

Services of transporting containers

Forwarding, transporting import and export containers


Currently, DLL provides all the services of the freight forwarding industry with full services and supply chains closely linked together.
  • » Inland container shipping
  • » International container shipping
  • » Transporting container cargo from warehouse to domestic and international warehouse
  • » Customs clearance services for imports and exports
  • » Service of counting and forwarding goods from warehouse to warehouse
  • » Forwarding and transporting project projects.
  • » Container shipping service.
  • » Reefer container service

why choose us

The DLL team and staff are constantly striving to improve their business, on the right track to build a sustainable DLL in the future that deserves:
“Trusted friend of the customer”